Monday, August 10, 2009


So it’s the summer of 1980 - a mere 29 years ago! Did I just say that? Well, anyways, it’s the summer of 1980 and a 14-year-old immature boy goes to see the film, Airplane! I laughed so hard thoughout the whole movie, that when it ended, I paid for the movie again... and again. Watched in 3 times in one afternoon.

Is that sad?

It is the end of summer, and I am in a mall in Toronto, minding my own immature business, when who should I see? Leslie Nielsen himself!! Surely you’re not serious, I think to myself. Then I realize, that I am serious, just don’t call me Shirley. (It was funnier in the movie.)

Could this be? One of the stars of the film that was my favourite, I am now meeting - only two months after laughing my ass off?? I had him sign the back of my student card (scan to come).

Was it meant to be? I did not know at the time, but now I do.

My celebrity Law of Attraction - It’s an entirely different kind of flying altogether! Again, it was funnier in the movie.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


So, here’s the thing. Ever since my childhood I have had these really cool, I mean really cool, celebrity encounters. They were never really planned, they just sort of happened.

The years go by, I grow up, get married and then my wife tells me about a year and a half ago, that all of these celebrity encounters that have happened are NOT coincidence, but rather due to something far greater than that - the Law of Attraction. The what?!? The Law of Attraction she says. She tells me to keep a log of anything and everything that ever happened to me regarding celebs.

I do.

Low and behold - this is so much more than coincidence. This is about saying something celeb-related and then bumping into that celeb. Drawing somebody and then their name pops up the next day. Thinking of a celeb, then meeting them. Drawing them, then meeting them. In the most obscure ways!

So, this is my log, my journal, my blog on how The Law of Attraction works in a very interesting, and in my case, celeb-based way. Enjoy my thoughts, my mind wanderings, my artwork, my encounters and my crazy rollercoaster life - all here for the world to see.

Thanks for taking the time spending it on my blog - what an odd word!!