Sunday, December 13, 2009

iCarly - i spy a teen (i)dol!

So, here I am almost 2 months since my last blog - been quite a while. I have been working hard, and had a business trip out in LA. And, wouldn’t you know it, as I am meeting with one celebrity (at a very posh Santa Monica restaurant, if I may add), sitting to the table next to me is teen star, Miranda Cosgrove, aka, iCarly.

Now, I will be honest, I recognized her face, but had no idea who she was, or how famous she was or what show she was on or what movies she was in. The fact that she was being woo’ed by the execs of Neutrogena at the table, did give me some inclination that she was famous.

Look, I know many teen stars - Donny Osmond, Leif Garrett, The Brady’s, Susan Dey, etc. But hey - thats my generation. As for the younger generation, I do know Miley Cyrus, but it sort of stops there. Ok, maybe one more - those High School Musical kids.

Something told me this young, fresh faced kid at the next table was a famous teen idol. How does one confirm this? Easy! Simply follow one of the execs from Neutrogena as they are leaving the table to the restroom and ask them a simple question: ’My daughter loves the girl at your table! What’s her name and what show is she on again?’

Once I got the information, I quickly made my way to her table, addressed her by her name (Miranda Cosgrove), told her how much my daughter is a fan of her show (iCarly), and could we have a photo.

She bought it, hook, line and iSinker.

And so, now my celebrity law of attraction as given me an iPhoto with iCarly and iMarshall.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I try my best to attend the wonderful, Toronto International Film Festival. every year. And of course, being the celebrity journalist I am, I try to attend the film festival galas. Such was the time in September, 2002 when the film, Auto Focus (starring Greg Kinnear and Willem Dafoe) was premiered.

In addition, to trying my best to attend premieres, I also try my best to get a great seat - to best see the celebs on stage or when they enter the theatre or wish them good luck or tell them how great they were in their performance. This was not the case at this premiere. My seat sucked. I mean, really sucked!

How was I ever to come in contact with the stars of this film?

I watched the film - a wonderul biopic about Hogans Heroes star, Bob Crane. Although I enjoyed the film, I definitely did not enjoy my lack of coming in contact with a celeb.

Then nature called - brought on by my Grande Starbucks coffee.

Off to the urinal I go (sounds like a children’s song doesn’t it?).

As I am standing at the urinal, relieving myself, I was even more relieved to find the incredible Mr. Dafoe relieving himself next to me. I mean I was relieved! What a relief - finally I made my celebrity contact! Who would have thought that I would have my relief while relieving? OK, OK, I am totally over-killing this joke.

Mr. Dafoe finished his business before I did and began to walk to the sink. I too, finished by business - well, I was not actually finished but I forced myself to stop mid-stream so that my timing to meet Willem would coincide with his handwashing stage.

I don’t recall what I said to Mr. Dafoe (I am sure it was something like, ’What a relief to meet you!’).

OK, I’ll stop now.

The point is this: just when you think you have given up, The Law Of Attraction answers what you ask for and envision. I envisioned meeting a celebrity. The urinal? Not so much.

And for those who are wondering, Willem Dafoe does wash his hands!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


While researching celebrities to track down for my TV show, I came across the name, Linda Purl. Do you remember her? She played The Fonz’s girlfriend on Happy Days? No? Well, I too sort of forgot about the 1970’s actress until last week.

That was on Wednesday.

The next day - Thursday to be exact (duh!) - I am watching my favorite show (and favorite set I have ever visited) The Office. Low and behold, there’s Linda Purl playing Pam’s mother. I haven’t seen her in 20 years and haven’t thought about her in as much time - until the day before.

And now, Linda Purl is crossing my path - two days in a row. Coincidence? Of course not. Just the Law of Attraction sending me a gift - a string of ’purls’. Sorry, corny play on words, but it works. I think!

Monday, October 5, 2009


August 31, 2009 - vacationing in Los Angeles with my wife and son - the middle child - need I say more. Of course, no trip to LA is complete without lunch at the famed, Ivy restaurant.

Reservations are at noon. We eat. No celebrity sigtings. What’s up with that? The wife and child want to leave. I don’t - I know a celebrity will show up - I just know it.

And so we wait. A few more coffees, more ice water, some more dessert, stalling and waiting for at least one celebrity sighting. And then it happens.

Nia Vardalos. Who? The star of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I have had my celebrity fix, albeit Nia Vardalos is not much of a celebrity fix. But hey, that’s not the best part of the story - it’s just the beginning of my Law of Attraction encounter.

Next morning, we are on the flight home to Toronto. Older plane - no movie screens on the seat. No satellite radio or TV stations to watch. There is only ONE movie playing on the flight ...

My Life In Ruins, starring (you guessed it) Nia Vardalos!

Was I surprised? Of course not. Seeing the Greek actress was only a sign of greater things to come - The Law of Attraction. There is a greater power out there - and in this case, it was all Greek to me - literally! Opah!!

Monday, August 10, 2009


So it’s the summer of 1980 - a mere 29 years ago! Did I just say that? Well, anyways, it’s the summer of 1980 and a 14-year-old immature boy goes to see the film, Airplane! I laughed so hard thoughout the whole movie, that when it ended, I paid for the movie again... and again. Watched in 3 times in one afternoon.

Is that sad?

It is the end of summer, and I am in a mall in Toronto, minding my own immature business, when who should I see? Leslie Nielsen himself!! Surely you’re not serious, I think to myself. Then I realize, that I am serious, just don’t call me Shirley. (It was funnier in the movie.)

Could this be? One of the stars of the film that was my favourite, I am now meeting - only two months after laughing my ass off?? I had him sign the back of my student card (scan to come).

Was it meant to be? I did not know at the time, but now I do.

My celebrity Law of Attraction - It’s an entirely different kind of flying altogether! Again, it was funnier in the movie.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


So, here’s the thing. Ever since my childhood I have had these really cool, I mean really cool, celebrity encounters. They were never really planned, they just sort of happened.

The years go by, I grow up, get married and then my wife tells me about a year and a half ago, that all of these celebrity encounters that have happened are NOT coincidence, but rather due to something far greater than that - the Law of Attraction. The what?!? The Law of Attraction she says. She tells me to keep a log of anything and everything that ever happened to me regarding celebs.

I do.

Low and behold - this is so much more than coincidence. This is about saying something celeb-related and then bumping into that celeb. Drawing somebody and then their name pops up the next day. Thinking of a celeb, then meeting them. Drawing them, then meeting them. In the most obscure ways!

So, this is my log, my journal, my blog on how The Law of Attraction works in a very interesting, and in my case, celeb-based way. Enjoy my thoughts, my mind wanderings, my artwork, my encounters and my crazy rollercoaster life - all here for the world to see.

Thanks for taking the time spending it on my blog - what an odd word!!