Tuesday, May 11, 2010


OK, so once again, I am shopping at the mall. What is it with me and malls?

Funny thing is that whenever I go to a mall, I don’t just think about what I am going to buy, I think about if I will bump into a celebrity. And of course, I always do.

This time, I wonder if I was too old to get excited. As I am window shopping, Lucas Grabeel (Ryan Evans from High School Musical), walks by me. I walk past him thinking, I CANNOT and WILL NOT go up to him. Afterall, I am a grown man and he is ... well ... he is one of the High School Musical kids.

But all of a sudden, the teenager inside of me took control:

Like I totally always find celebrities, so like I had like no choice but to go up to him. Of course I told him that like my daugher totally LOVES him and thinks he’s like totally awesome (even though I was totally just as thrilled to meet him). After all, it is High School Musical. Like, duh! I was even thinking of like totally jumping up, legs folded in, just like the poster. But hey - that was like totally overdoing it. I am like totally mature.

Ok, Marshall, time to grown up!

Lucas was very nice. He chatted and his sister took our photo. I was happy to meet him for my daughter. OK - for me!

It was like a totally awesome experience! Totally!

Friday, May 7, 2010


OK, so it’s been a while since I last blogged, but hey - there’s been a lot going on with filming, etc. Blah, blah, blah...

Anyhooo - I was sitting having a little lunch at Mulberry Street Pizza in Beverly Hills. As usual, with any restaurant in Los Angeles, I sit so that I am facing the door - afterall, you never know who you might see entering.

As I am biting into my slice of cheese pizza, who walks in, but Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr., picking up his order. What no delivery for Iron Man? He picks up his own pizza? I’m impressed!

Of course, rather than finish my own pizza, I just drop my slice and quicker than Iron Man himself, walk over to introduce myself. ’Hey Robert’, I call. ’Who dat?’ he replies. We chat a bit, I offer to deliver his pizza - he laughs but in a ’OK, this guy is making me nervous’ type of way. Hey - gotta make as much small talk with a big star as you can - keep the conversation going - lengthen the star-filled moment.

After his, ’catch you later’, Robert Downey walks away with his pizza. I walk away knowing that even though I only ordered a cheese pizza with no toppings, nothing could have topped meeting Iron Man - Robert Downey Jr. To top it off, the pizza was really good! OK, OK, enought with the ’topping’ play on words!