Tuesday, May 11, 2010


OK, so once again, I am shopping at the mall. What is it with me and malls?

Funny thing is that whenever I go to a mall, I don’t just think about what I am going to buy, I think about if I will bump into a celebrity. And of course, I always do.

This time, I wonder if I was too old to get excited. As I am window shopping, Lucas Grabeel (Ryan Evans from High School Musical), walks by me. I walk past him thinking, I CANNOT and WILL NOT go up to him. Afterall, I am a grown man and he is ... well ... he is one of the High School Musical kids.

But all of a sudden, the teenager inside of me took control:

Like I totally always find celebrities, so like I had like no choice but to go up to him. Of course I told him that like my daugher totally LOVES him and thinks he’s like totally awesome (even though I was totally just as thrilled to meet him). After all, it is High School Musical. Like, duh! I was even thinking of like totally jumping up, legs folded in, just like the poster. But hey - that was like totally overdoing it. I am like totally mature.

Ok, Marshall, time to grown up!

Lucas was very nice. He chatted and his sister took our photo. I was happy to meet him for my daughter. OK - for me!

It was like a totally awesome experience! Totally!

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  1. ¡En hora buena fenómeno!
    Eres un verdadero artista.
    Un cordial saludo.