Sunday, September 19, 2010


On my quest to Track Down Seinfeld’s Estelle Harris, who played Mrs. Castanza, I felt that I had to definitely track down the person who cast her – Larry David - creator of Seinfeld.

I tried calling Mr. David’s office numerous times. But nobody called me back. What is a TV fan and writer to do?


I know – why don’t I go directly to Larry David’s office and wait for him.

Did I hear a few of you say, ‘stalking’? I’m a professional. This isn’t stalking. It’s simply waiting.

So I waited, and waited and waited until Mr. David drove up in his Prius! Note: waited, not stalked!

I approached him with enthusiasm – “Good morning, Mr. David. My name is Marshall Jay Kaplan and I’m doing a story on Estelle Harris. I wanted to know if you would do an interview.”

Larry replied – “Have you been sitting here waiting for me?” I admit to the crime of waiting.

Larry seemed somewhat reluctant, but does give me his assistant’s contact information to set up the interview.

The big day arrives and I am going to interview Seinfeld creator and Curb Your Enthusiasm star, Larry David! However, Mr. David is not thrilled.

I am told I get only 5 minutes. He enters the room casually, not saying hello to myself or any of the crew. He asks where to sit and sits down. I attempt to shake is hand and he looks at me and comments, “Really?”

The interview is tense to say the least. 5 minutes seems like 5 hours as Larry is short with his answers, somewhat curt. We have a bit of a stare-off at one point. I ask him if there is anything else he’d like to add, as I was out of questions. He answers, “No, I think we’re good.”

Is Larry David similar to his character on Curb? No – not similar – EXACT.

I had the chance of a lifetime to interview Mr. Larry David. Did I impress him? Well, suffice it to say I curbed his enthusiasm.

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