Sunday, August 22, 2010


There was a time in my life when I used to travel to The Big Apple, New York City, quite frequently.

Normally when I travel somewhere, I hope to meet a celebrity. Little did I realize that the tables would be turned - at least in my head they were.

Now, Naomi Campbell is one of the most famous super models of all time - whether it be for her abusive behaviour towards her assistants, her runway strut or her British accent, Naomi Campbell is anything but forgettable.

Ok, but this is about me!

So, here I am, waiting to check into my suite (yes a suite!) at Le Parker Meridien in NYC. And who do you think is in front of me? No, not that big guy from The Sopranos (why did I just say that?). It was no other than Naomi Campbell herself! As she stepped up to the Front Desk, I could definitely hear her British accent and her room request, but as much as I tried to listen, I could not find out what room she was in.

So I checked into my room and bumped into Geraldo Rivera in the elevator. Unfortunately he’s no Naomi Campbell.

A year passes, and I am back in NYC, as I have a meeting with Mac Cosmetics. I am walking in SoHo with my morning coffee (one must have a morning coffee in SoHo, don’t you think?), and who do you think walks out of the Mac building as I am walking in? No, not somebody from The Apprentice. Again, why is my mind wandering? It was Naomi Campbell! How odd is that? I had seen her on my last trip to NYC and then I am seeing her again! Coincidence? You tell me.

OK, so now yet another year passes and guess what, I am back in NYC again! And I am also back in SoHo. That’s right - with my morning coffee. I have another meeting at Mac, but I am early. So what is a Jew to do in SoHo? Shop of course!

Well, wouldn’t you know it, as I am walking by Betsy Johnson’s store, out comes Miss Abusive Employer (I mean, Miss Super Model herself), Naomi Campbell!! Again??!! Yes, again!!

Now, this time, I decided to speak up:
“Naomi - you gotta stop stalking me! Every time I come to NYC I bump into you! Now, please leave me alone!”

She laughed and then said, “Are you sure you’re not stalking ME, Love?” Hmmmm... she has a point.

We had little laugh and then we went off on our super model ways. I have been back since to NYC but our paths have not crossed again. Maybe one day, if she is in need of a new assistant......

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