Saturday, August 28, 2010


I love eating at Dan Tana’s in West Hollywood - Santa Monica Blvd and Doheny. It’s one of those little, old school, old charm, Mom & Pop Italian restaurants. The only difference is that it’s a celebrity hang out.

Whenever I go, I like to sit in a corner booth - and for those who have been following my blog know that I like to sit so that I can see who is coming in and who is sitting where. Basically to scout if anybody is anybody.

Well, tonite IC someone from the OC. Clever line huh?

Sitting in the booth next to me is star of Broadway, film and television, Peter Gallagher. Best known for his roles in the films, ‘Sex Lies and Videotape’, ‘The Player’, ‘While You Were Sleeping’ (with Sandra Bullock), ‘American Beauty’ (with Annette Bening) and The O.C. as Sandy Cohen.

Peter is sitting in the booth next to me. Or should I say I am sitting in the booth next to him? Either way he’s close by.

But I need to get closer. So I excuse myself from my booth to use the restroom. I now can walk directly past Mr. Gallagher. He looks up as I pass. I give him a friendly nod of acknowledgment. He gives me a friendly nod back.

Are you nodding off yet? Another clever line. Thank you very much.

There is really not much more to this story. Basically I saw OC star, Peter Gallagher at Dan Tana’s.

I gotta keep with the ever cute acronym theme. So let me rephrase that: I C OC PG @ DT

And for the food? It was AOK!

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