Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I had an early morning shoot in Beverly Hills. My team decided rather than having our typical grab ‘n go breakfast from Starbucks, why don’t we drive into Beverly Hills and grab a bite there? Sounds like a 90210 plan!

We parked and headed into Nate ‘n Al Delicatessen on North Beverly Drive. We sat down at a booth. And as you readers are aware, I ALWAYS sit facing the inside of the restaurant and the door - how else am I going to scan the restaurant for celebrities.

While having my coffee, my bladder started almost immediately. Off to the restroom. While I am standing at the urinal I get a text from my team. Holding my phone in one hand and my manhood in the other (yes, folks I can multi-task), I read my text: ‘Larry King is here!’.

You can imagine my excitement ... and the splashing and dripping on the restroom floor that followed!

I finished up and bolted out of that restroom - of course I washed my hands first.

And then I saw him - Mr. late night CNN himself - Larry King! He was sitting at his ‘regular’ booth with his four cronies. How does one get a regular booth? How does one get cronies?

I gotta say - I was thrilled to see this legendary host, but I was somewhat disappointed. He is much smaller in person. I mean much smaller. He also doesn’t sit up straight - I thought he always liked to lean on his desk. I realize now that the desk is there so that the King doesn’t fall over!

And you know what else? No suspenders!

Sorry, I don’t mean to complain. Afterall, I was eating breakfast a few booths away from Larry King. I wanted to see a celebrity and the Celebrity Law of Attraction made it happen for me. I should be grateful. I am grateful - suspenders or no suspenders.

Larry King is the King of CNN and of Nate n’ Al’s. As for me? I prefer to be called Prince.

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  1. Marshall, just read your blog. You're having some amazing experiences. So glad you're tracking it all, totally!